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If you become an affiliate of Amazon, of course you know some amazon plugins that really help us to improve our amazon earnings. With the help of amazon wordpress plugin will allow you to distribute your amazon affiliate links into your blog. This helps to dramatically increase your Amazon sales.

If you  still use the old way to display your amazon affiliate link in your blog. Do not expect to be successful you will get a lot of money through amazon. Rest assured, successful affiliate amazon, they use the Amazon plugin to help them. One of them is a wordpress plugin to amazon named EASYAZON.

Easyazon wordpress plugin made ​​by Chris Guthrie, can make your blog have a distribution to your amazon affiliate pages with ease in accordance with what you want.

amazon wordpress plugin

EasyAzon WordPress Plugin

Use of Easyazon wordpress plugin is also very easy.

1. Create a new article or edit your article.
2. Navigate to the menu Easyazon Amazon Search, bottom of the box your article.
3. Search a keyword, will appear the product you are looking for.
4. The final step, you can be an action for your amazon link
5. Done, your amazon page is already integrated in your article content.

amazon wordpress plugin

Easyazon WordPress Plugin Setting


Feature Localization Links

Features that will determine the geographical location of your blog visitors, and localpages will continue to amazon in accordance with the visitors. You can add yourAmazon affiliate account more in the settings menu easyazon.

No Playing With HTML or PHP Code

It is not difficult for you to do the settings easyazon into your wordpress. Just with simple steps above, your blog content will be integrated with your amazon affiliate link. Without the need to perform editing the html or php code. So use this plugin can be used by anyone without the need to have sufficient knowledge of web programming.

For you who have blogs wordpress platform and run a business selling amazon products, steps exactly you are using amazon wordpress plugin from Chris Guthrie, EazyAzon WordPress Plugin.

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